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University of Waterloo, because I'm a geek.
May I live in interesting times. It's way more fun that way :).
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lost-luck is an ethereal collection of all the luck that has been misplaced in the universe, ever. Upon hearing this statement one would be inclined to presume that this fantastical being is the luckiest thing on this side of the milky way. Alas, this is not the case. When I said, all the mislaid fortune, I did mean all. For is has come to pass that this poor soul has the vast majority of the material universe's bad luck, as that is what people lose most of all.

In some startling fashion this makes sense. Here, people strive to be on top. If unfortunate events continually occur to them, they cannot raise themselves up to topdom. Thus against all odds they've some up with a paradoxical procedure that involves using a bit of their bad luck in order to lose the rest of it! It's quite amazing really.

Poor lost-luck however never managed to learn this technique and has all then bad luck from everywhere streaming towards him at a break neck pace. Fortunately, all this onrushing bad voodoo, sweeps enough good luck in with it to nullify the majority of the ill effects.