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Arcanamundi's Mom.

This is a reading account for my Mom, where I will be bookmarking things that I think she will enjoy reading - although of course I would be thrilled to bits if she decides to write here, too.

I asked my mother what username she'd like, and she mused over it with relish before exclaiming "Lorna Doone!" She laughed, and then added "Like the mystery - and the cookie!"

This is the perfect name for her: epic/domestic, literate/sensual, high culture and comfort food - all in one package. So to speak. Other things she enjoys a great deal: gardening, BBC/PBS comedy and mystery programmes (e.g., Keeping Up Appearances and Mystery!), voraciously reading pretty much everything and anything that appeals to her librarian-magpie's heart, kicking my dad's ass at German board games, checking to see if my backgammon dice are loaded, spoiling everyone in our family including the dog, laughing, making fun of people from Stuttgart, trying new recipes, and bringing beauty into the world in 101 ways.

Professionally, she has been: a scrub nurse, a woodworker, a sensory analyst, a librarian for the blind, and a damn good mom. Avocationally, she has always learned whatever it was she needed to know to do whatever she wanted to do, which is why she's so damn cool. She is now starting her own business, which has colonized roughly 40% of my parents' home.

If, based on this brief bio-sketch, you can think of any nodes that you think my mom would like to read, please /msg her with them. Ta very much!