Hilda Furacão is a Brazilian telenovela, premiered in the United States through the Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo. It stars Ana Paula Arósio, a veteran of Rede Globo's Terra Nostra, in the role of Hilda, "temptation dressed as a woman." Set during an era when the dogma of the Church and political turmoil ruled daily life, the story follows Hilda Muller, a high-society dame who abandons her engagement on the altar and leaves everything behind. Lodging herself in a Bohemian hotel, Hilda soon becomes the place's sensation with her elegant clothing, fine perfumes, and innocent gaze.

Hilda crosses paths with three men who follow the way of passion:

  • Roberto Drummond (Danton Mello), a reporter who sees her as an intriguing legend
  • Aramel (Thiago Lacerda), an elegant young man with the "face of an angel and the passions of a devil,"
  • and Malthus (Rodrigo Santero), a monk tormented by his desires.
  • Hilda Huracán is based on a true story, written by Roberto Drummond and adapted by Gloria Pérez (scriptwriter of O Clone). It is directed by Wolf Maya, the director of and an actor in Uga Uga.

    In the U.S., the novela is dubbed in Spanish from the original Portuguese.