The fast food industry in South Africa is perhaps one of the most diverse that I have seen. The food groups are split roughly into wait times, taste and marketing.

1. McDonalds (Yes, they do have them here) is my pick. While my experiences with burger king tend to be better, McDonalds is definetly the cream of the cool. Short wait times (D'oh) and arguably good product

2. Steers - a very South African buisiness specialising in superbly long wait times and sloppy, greasy burgers put together with the minimum effort and wage. Wait times average 5 minuites for a bloody packet of chips... but their actual chips are damn good.

3. Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets are all over the country and have atleast one in all small towns. Their product is greasy, [deep fried and so are their chips. but it tastes good, especially the batter. The best thing is the short wait time.

4. Nando's chickenland - essentially a grilled chicken outlet with lots of hot sauce. Their product is actually quite good (Except the 'farm-style chips' with no salt). I believe they have outlets internationally, in England and Australia.

5. Al's gourmet chicken - essentially a Nando's without the hot sauce exept that the chicken is spit-griled. They have decent shwarmas and horrible burgers.

6. Bimbo's. I'm not going into this inane bunch of escaped loons.