I was stuck at the mercy of my friend flirting with a new
crush of hers lastnight at Carrows so I didn't get
home until after 1 you know how well that went over
with mom, so today I'm stuck cleaning the entire house
from top to bottom. If it's not done by 4 I'm grounded
to the point of no one in no one out and no
computer.God I hate my fucking life!!! You know when
someone gets done making you feel like your apsolutely
nothing and theres that numb feeling right before
ultimate loneliness and sadness?Well Thats where I am
only after this morning I feel like she took her foot
and stomped on my chest. There are just some things
that you don't say to your daughter to make her feel
like she might as well be dead!!!!!!! I know she's
having a hard time but doesn't she even think before
words come out of her mouth, I'm fucking going through
shit too!!!!!!! I'm the one that has to be here at 17
losing my mom and having to face the harsh reality
that my dad doesn't want anything to fucking do with
me after she's dead. I'm the one that will have no one
to take care of me and talk to me and hold me. I'm the
one that is sick of being strong for everyone else.
Can I be weak just once Can I be weak????
I guess thats too much to ask.