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you are dreaming of [red hair]. red hair like [ocean]s. you are pressing your face into [softness] and lying against the flesh. you are dreaming of hushed midnight laughings, [naked] on sheets that are falling away. you are dreaming of [idyll]s and [soul-mate]s, and the dip of her nose at the end of the day, wrinkling every time that she [smile]s.


her very name is the [flower] you dream of when you think of that [hair]. you see blossoms cascading, and picture her laughing. you picture her still in your [reverie], long long after she is gone. you see her running through the stalks of a million [wild flowers], but none can compare to the brightness that lies in her eyes. no [petal] approaches the way that the light softly wisps from dark corners to caress the fall of her face.

i reach out to touch your [face]. but you're lost in a dream, and i am farther still.

i am softly, quietly watching. you are reading of [denver] and dreaming of what she is doing there now. she sends news of [cities] and of [friends] and of [men]. you are thinking then back on the night when you learned of the man she was coming to [love] when she extinguished the light in your heart. remember? it was that night that i sent you my letter, too.

you told me you weren't sure. you didn't know, but i knew. i knew of what you were dreaming ...

out where you are, she is there.

knee deep in [roses] she smiles at you the way that she did the very first time you met. she blushes up to the roots of that long long hair. she is so close you can feel her pressed on your flesh through the thickness of inches of air in between. already you know her. she hands you one petal, and looks at you now through a haze of [green] and [iris]es.

i watch as the [radiance] hits you.


how she glows. how you swoon, and i laugh to see you in such a state of [irrationality] inside of this dream i've made up for you. a dream that i've dreamed, trying to explain how you feel when you tell me [you're still in love] -- something to soften the blow.

you are reading of [denver]. you are dreaming of hair, and it is on [fire], aburst with [flames] almost as bright as the ones in your heart. but it is me who is standing beside you now, my short dark hair a mass of crumbling [charcoal], smoked and ruined and [cold].

i turn away.

i am dreaming of [black hair], dark, hard and bristly. black hairs on your chin and more hairs, soft above your [mouth]. i feel your weight on top of me, kiss your pale, long neck, and drive you ever closer. enthrall in your embrace and the deep, guttural tone in my ear that is something moving [inside of you]. i whisper your name and watch the world flash in [light], feeling your [skin] in my [hand]s.

we are alone in this place, except for one presence, a presence that lingers behind. except for [a girl in a dream].

i was waiting until after to ask you of dreams, because of the things i did not want to see.

tell me. tell me your dreams.

i watch as her face floats down through your eyes to lie there at last on the [surface]. i see it awash in the [halo] of deep ginger tresses that pervade your every [word].

you tell me you're still [in love].

but i do not say what i long to say. until i can turn my heart away, the way i've turned my hot flushed face, the [bitterness] holds like a [rapture].

in [silent dreams] that possess me all night, red hair is flowing in unending currents, past me and on to [other dimensions], reopening lines in my heart . i wake and i start, and i find myself still in your arms. i watch your face and gulp.

i bite down as the [radiance] hits me.

i sink back and [sleep], avoiding these dreams of red hair that [linger] though i ready myself to [go]. dreams of [red hair] that follow me down. dreams of red hair falling in [oceans].

dreams of red hair swallowing me [whole].