It's just shy of a hundred degrees in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County today. As it was yesterday, the two days before and forecasted to be till next Friday or so.

I was desperate to escape the heat earlier, and I think it caused a lapse of judgement on my part when I allowed myself to be coerced into going to see "Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams" with my family. In my defense, I was only thinking one thing at the time: air conditioning.

The previews alone were a sensationalistic assault of things that can't and shouldn't happen in real life and i was ready to get up and simply meander around the theater complex, basking in the glory that is central air. However, in doing so, I would have been ensuring a barrage of guilt-inducing maneuvers from my mother upon our arrival home. My mother who, being raised in a catholic household was almost eerily adept at this sort of thing. So I sat and watched the lame-ass movie. Pardon me, I shouldn't say it was totally and undeniably lame-ass. I guess if I were of the teenie bopper age I may have even enjoyed it, and to be fair I'm pretty sure I did laugh once or twice. But on the whole, I could think of a thousand and one ways my Labor Day could have been better spent, some of which included forceps and a tooth drill.