I cannot seem to get this right, so lets try it again....

Today is my birthay.

Today is my first time writing here.

Today is mild and sunny, warm and refreshing.

Today is like any other day except that even though I am in this beautiful, wonderful place, I am wishing I was with you.When I blow out my candles I will be thinking of you and what you may be doing at that exact moment. Luckily i know that you are probably thinking of me as well. I couldnt bear it any other way.

I don't know exactly where I expected to be at this point in my life. All I do know, is that it wasn't here. It wasn't this. Yet, it's okay. I'm not as dissapointed as I am ...well...surprised, I suppose. I feel my head swimming with emotion. It makes me dizzy and I feel about to come undone. Like my heart would burst out of my chest from the swell rising inside. I sit and try to make the world stop spinning, but I have to keep moving. I move faster to avoid being still and I grow weary. True to form, I cannot find a happy medium. It is always one or the other.

I wonder which birthday will find me settled and happy? That year frightens me as much as it soothes. I have a better idea.... Let's go. Just hold my hand and run with me. We will go to Greece, Spain, Africa. We will go to the moon and beyond. We will go everywhere we've ever wanted to go and it will be wonderful. It will be magical. It will be you and I on a journey of love.

You say, "What about money, dear? How will we survive?"

The truth is I dont need any, I need only you. Maybe some socks. I can put them in my pocket. And a pad and pen to sketch your face while you sleep. I'll take a bag. What else do we really need? If i could only convince you of this.

"Next year, maybe" you say.

Well how many years can that be said before it's not possible anymore. Before we have roots and chains.