Trip Like I Do

It came up the other day that a friend of mine might want to eat some shrooms as part of their birthday celebration. Somebody mentioned that the one thing you have to make sure of when ingesting psychedelic fungi (or any mind altering substance, really, for that matter) is to be with a group of people you feel comfortable with and that no one wanders off alone. While I generally practice safe and responsible drug consumption I have to make note of one particular time where going off on my own and having a completely internal trip was the most supremely sublime experience I've had.

A friend of mine's parents were throwing her a giant graduation party in the woods of Connecticut. We arrived early and spent most of the day frolicking by Salmon River and eating hot dogs and hamburgers listening to music and hanging out with her family and the hundred plus people that came by in shifts. Sometime near midnight most of the drifters had meandered back to their homes and the fifteen or so of us that were left happily decided to drop some acid. Due to a jolt to the back of the guy with the dropper I ended up with a good three drops of liquid on my tongue and the rest is hardcore-trippin'-in-the-woods-history.

I spent the next ten hours in one of those caterpiller sleeping bags that bind you completely except for your face, in the middle of a field with the sky falling down on me. I could swear that the stars were close enough for me to touch, and the dimensions of the sky were grander than I could comprehend. I had never seen it in such 3D. I had several life impacting revelations that never would have happened had I been in the company of other people. One of which left me a vegetarian for the next 6 months after being able to actually feel the muscle of the animal(s) I had devoured earlier in the day moving through my intestine.

My point is this. While, in theory, no one should really take off randomly whilst suffering the impacts of a severe head fuck, if it's meant to be, who are we to say no to the wind....