A word about scrubbing shower walls: While it is FABULOUS exercise for your upper arms and shoulders to get that real great circular scrubbing motion, I found a trick to prevent the imminent soreness, especially if you plan on using your arms for anything the next day. The broom. Particularly if you have one of those brooms with the long perpendicular crossbar type dealy at the end, but a standard ones will work also. Simply fill the bottom of the bathtub with a few inches of hot water and the CAOC (cleansing aid of choice)and repeatedly dredge the broom in the mixture and scrub the walls with the broom. Of course, still work any problem areas with the close contact hand and scrubbie method and dont forget to drain the tub and scrub it thoroughly as well. An added bonus here is that you get the broom really clean.

Another thing that comes in handy here when it comes to rinsing the walls, which i agree is key and all too often forgotten, is the shower massage head. If you have one of these handy things, remove the head from the setting and use it to blast all that CAOC off the walls on one of the higher water pressure settings.