So much snow. Not that I even really mind but for the cold that accompanies. It's harsh beauty touches me, really. I have always had an affection for that brutal type of gorgeousness. What really gets my goat, though, is that even though the scale says Im four pounds less fat and I feel it, my fucking jeans are the tightest they've ever been. Seriously, now, what the fucking fuck??

Gonna drive away today. I like going on these mini road trips. Everywhere you drive here is like a mini road trip since nothing is really that close. I enjoy driving. It's monotony is soothing. And in good company you're pretty much gauranteed a swell time.

I really want to go to the fabric store today as well. I'm feeling the need to make things. I have no clue what. I've been thinking about taking up knitting just for the hell of it. So satisfying, the creating of things. Something where there was nothing. It gives me a huge sense of self satisfaction in these days where i may as well be sucking the definition out of the word productivity. I so often feel like the anti-accomplishment. It's all i can do to keep myself from taking up smoking again. Well, the tobacco kind anyway. I'd give my left tit for a sticky bowl pack.