I don't normally dream log, but what the hell.

I had another dream where my teeth were falling out.

The annoying thing is I really should have realised I was dreaming and tried to lucid dream because I am desperate to do that one day.

I say I should have because this week I was telling my mate about how waking up in your dream is pretty freaky, because you assume that everyone you are doing is in real life, after all - you just woke up from a dream. My example was a long time ago I dreamed about my teeth falling out, and then woke up, went to the mirror and my teeth were still fucked. Hence I really shit myself, thinking it was real.

SO.. this morning I wake up from a dream about my teeth just hinging off, and then falling out. I woke up from that dream, but this reality was a dream. So I was going around thinking "Ohmigod, my teeth have fallen out" and I was thinking about when I told my mate about my previous dreams. I started to question whether I was in a dream or not, and everything told me I wasn't. I looked at some writing in a magazine and looked away and looked back and it was the same, I didn't FEEL like I was dreaming. And I must have spent a good 10 minutes real time panicking about what I was going to do, how would dentures fit in, all stupid shit like that. I finally woke for real with a jolt, I had slept until 11am, which is late for me now, as I'm used to waking at 7am.

Yesterday I had gone on a fitness assessment for my friend, and knackered myself out, I wonder if me being extra tired had contributed to how vivid the dream was..

Anyway, go ahead and do your routine up/down vote like I do when I want to spend a few votes. If you read it all, thanks. Sorry it's pretty dull.