AFX was also an expansion bus used on the Sun SPARCstation 5, and curiously, only on that system and the SPARCstation 4. In both cases it was used only for graphics cards, and only one, the Turbo CX, was ever produced. The SPARCstation 4 had its TCX built in, with only 2MB of RAM, providing accelerated 8-bit color graphics at 1152x864. The SPARCstation 5 could use it as an expansion card, which was shared with the leftmost (from the front) SBus slot. This version was more capable, with 4MB of RAM, and could provide 24-bit color. Curiously, the AFX bus was used for nothing else, and was never used again. The SPARCstation 20 and SPARCstation 10SX used the SX/CG14 framebuffer, which was internally similar to the TCX, but used the SBus instead of AFX (despite being wired to the motherboard in both cases). The AFX slot itself looked almost identical to the male version of the MBus connector, and was notable for being one of very few expansion slot types to have the male portion on the motherboard.