The SA-N-7 Gadfly is a Russian anti-aircraft and anti-ship missile system, derived directly from the land-based SA-11. It is a high-speed, medium-range missile, employing semi-active radar homing.

Although the weapon is a derivative of a Russian land-based SAM, that system, the SA-11, appears to be derived from the American SM-1MR Standard missile. Nearly everything about it, from the airframe to the warhead and guidance mode, range and performance are nearly identical to the American weapon. Consequently, the Gadfly is sometimes referred to half-seriously as 'Standardski'.

The SA-N-7 is in service with the Russian and Chinese navies on the Sovremenny class destroyer, and is used on the Indian Tulwar class and Delhi class. It has been replaced in production, but not yet in use, by the SA-N-12 Grizzly, which appears to be an SM-2MR clone.