The SA-N-2 Guideline is an interesting footnote in the history of Russian naval SAMs, about which relatively little is known. The system was derived from the land-based SA-2 Guideline, and was intended to be fitted to several modified Sverdlov class gun cruisers as their principal anti-aircraft weapon. It would likely have seen service on the Moskva, Kiev and Kara classes as well. However, two things happened at once. First, the SA-N-3 Goblet, designed as a purely naval weapon, was produced by a competing design bureau and judged largely superior. Second, the Sverdlov modernization project was mostly scrapped to free up funding for the design and construction of the Kiev class. One modified Sverdlov did eventually receive the twin-arm SA-N-2 launcher, but since no rounds were available, this was replaced with a single SA-N-1 Goa mounting a year later.