This is more a weeklog than a daylog, but I feel I'm going to have to write this before it disappears down the pit of my procrastination. I've got sucked into the same old routine all summer - get up, go to work, go home, sleep. Wait for the weekend. Sleep. Occasionally revise.

But that changes now.

By some bizarre miracle, I've actually passed all my resits, and I'm going back to university next week. I'm anticipating this will come as quite a shock. I've got used to having my evenings and weekends to myself; not having assignments, assessments, etc. The past two years, I've had this masochistic burst of initial keenness, joining societies, becoming a class rep, taking interesting outside courses, instead of mickey mouses like history of science. And then just kind of subsiding into staying in bed, playing braindead computer games, not going to lectures, failing assignments, pleading, resits, more pleading. This changes now, because I've chanced it too many times, and this is the last time.

And now I've got into third year*, by the skin of my teeth. My parents don't have to disown me. I can keep my summer job part time, while still claiming a fat income tax refund from Her Majesty's Inland Revenue. I'm carrying a resit at the end of the year. No second chances.

But hopefully I've learned from the last two years. I'm not joining any societies unless I can be bothered coming along to the first meeting (Irn-bru society, anyone?). I'm not taking on any positions of responsibility. I'm going to do my assignments on the day they're handed out. I'm going to do my best, not just what's adequate. As, not Ds. I'm going to get a 1st, and it all starts now.

And now that I've written this, there's no going back.

*(A brief overview of the scottish university system: For most courses, the first two years are very broad, with a focus on providing interesting asides, and getting everyone to the same level in readiness for third and fourth year, where everything changes. Suddenly there are no resits, no second chances, attendance grades, group projects, dissertations. Scary stuff)