A seafoodey snack, made from off-cuts of whitefish, and presumably some crab1. Crabsticks are about 10x1x1 cm in size, and are white, with one red side (presumably to give them an air of crabbishness). Crabsticks seem to be a popular ingredient in western sushi2. (at least, sushi boxes sold in tesco and sainsbury's)

1 - In Britain they have to be sold as crab flavour sticks, due to the paucity of actual crab in them.

2 - I can't really comment, as I have some kind if irrational aversion to fishy things...

Editor's note: As the nature of these noxious items is entirely artificial, they are often found under the alternate spellings 1) crab stix, 2) crabstix, 3) krab stix, 4) krabstix. Avoid at all costs.