Apparently the dread Candiru has struck again, and this time there is documentary evidence1. If you have a look at you'll see photographs taken during an endoscopic candiru extraction operation. The victim was urinating while standing in the amazon river, and the fish leapt clean out of the water2, and (erm ) in. While he did notice (surprisingly enough) that this was happening, it was apparently too slimy to get a grip on, and its barbs had stuck in, preventing it being pulled out. By the time of the operation, the fish had started to decay, lessening the stiffness of its barbs, and allowing it to be pulled out.

While I admit the possibility that the pictures may be a hoax, they are pretty convincing, and definitely show the fish having got stuck in there.

1 - If you can't bring yourself to look at the pictures, at least read the article at

2 - To clarify - He was standing in the river, but his penis was above the surface of the water and he was urinating into it. While the fish jumped out the water, it probably did not propel itself along the urine-stream like some crazed freudian death-salmon (Next on fox: When candiru attack!)