Adam Cadre is the author of the following pieces of interactive fiction: the lighthearted (albeit a bit racy) Interstate Zero (aka I-0); Photopia (1998), considered by many to be his masterpiece - and one of the best short pieces of interactive fiction, period; the Machiavellian Varicella (1999); the short (and strange) 9:05 (2000); the even stranger (and, perhaps, shorter) Shrapnel (also 2000); the tongue-in-cheek Textfire Golf (2001; as "J.T. Adams"); and Lock & Key (2002), which isn't entirely a piece of IF at all. He is also the author of the novel Ready, Okay!, which was published in 2000. Finally, he wrote the MSTing of The Eye of Argon, the infamous sword and sorcery story traditionally read at science fiction conventions.

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