I have to recuse myself because I already know one set of identities...in the Truly Madly Deeply Fallen Quest!

Time for part two:

Guess the pair of stories.
Guess the writer of that pair.

The guessing is ON! From Sunday August 21, 2016 (whatever time I post this) to a full 7 days later and gosh, heck with that, I am using server time so Before The Clock Flips OVER to August 29, 2016, send me your guesses.

They will be published after the 29th and we will have a REVEAL! What form will it TAKE? I don't know either because this is the first quest I've run (advice accepted and it appears that it is strongly needed along with extra caffeine).

I will start a file with the guesses.

Please message me if I have MISSED listing YOUR QUEST ENTRIES (quick now cuz otherwise the guessing won't be fair no how no way if in fact you believe in fairness in these lives and if so have you been living under a rock?)

HUGS TO ALL! And thanks to the other two judges! And to Tem42 for encouraging me in this foolishness!

Down and Out in Gotham City Lord Brawl
The future begins now moeyz
a red-headed woman talking on a phone in a room moeyz
a red-headed woman talking on a phone in a room etouffee
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness graceness
Love will tear us apart Lord Brawl
With or Without You... but I prefer the latter TheGrocersApostrophe

....we have seven entries. Each person was supposed to submit two... though a triangle would certainly be possible...good luck guessing!!!....