ask the Beloved
what next
what is your will
what should I explore

a friend says
are you not worthy of love?

yes, of course
but that does not mean that I feel loved

on with work

ask the Beloved
what next

I sleep deeply
no dreams

I am looking for two books
second hand
and find another text
on Rumi and love

I open it
the ego blocks the Self
the small ego self blocks the Beloved
love is all around us
says Rumi

I relax

I find the envelope
with a check
I am hoping it will cover
my gift to my daughter

ah, it is half what I hoped

no, two checks
it is what I hoped

no, three checks
nearly twice

and oh
next I will take my daughter skiing
and read Rumi
and relax

and suddenly I feel loved
by the Beloved

and the Beloved
is everything
and everyone

the small ego selves
argue and are hurt and love

but I am loved
and you are loved

we are love