I am happy today
Because I let the shadows alone

I see them
I did not name them

They aren't mine
Unless I name them
Then I add to them
They stick to me
Their owners disavow them
Their owners recoil in horror
from me, a huge talking shadow

Their owners disavow them

Poor shadows
They are so lonely

But it doesn't serve if I name them
Their owners think they are mine
Their owners think they are gone
Evil named and cast out

Once I am alone, the shadows roil
They cry for home
They cry for their people
They are fearful
They gather into gangs
To face the terrible journey home
To their owners

When the shadow is offered
I don't reject it
I don't name it
I wait

It is in the room
Between us

And mostly the owner
Speaks of something

And the shadow sinks

I hear the shadows weeping
To be loved


I hear the shadows weeping
To be loved

I thought if I named the shadows
They would be visible

I was wrong

I am so sorry, shadows
I am so sorry, owners

I was wrong

I send you all my love
and tears

I hear the shadows weeping
to be loved.