lizardinlaw says: I win most confusing quest ever and here is us trying to guess and figure it out:

Tem42 says re Truly Madly Deeply Fallen Quest Guess Guest Testing Best List: Okay, my guesses are

lizardinlaw guesses:

Reveal: Only two guessers, me (lizardinlaw) and Tem42 and we guessed wildly differently.

lizardinlaw: Sorry so slow! I thought I'd have more time on my trip east. But the combination of heat and cicadas, tons of family and relearning how to drive 12 land highways rather kicked my butt. I had to guess before I could finish the quest....also I am sure that these are references to something but I must not be up on my pop culture....who the heck are the twins?

Lord Brawl says My idea was to use Dr. Jeremiah, street psychiatrist to link things together.

etouffee says re Quest Guess list: I like the quest- but honestly got confused- apologies

lizardinlaw: looks like I will earn the prize for most confusing quest ever.... are people good with the street psychiatrist idea? I like it.

KissThis: You get an A for Effort prize lizardinlaw!! :) I'm good with the street psychiatrist idea :)

etouffee says re Quest Guess list: I want to work on the thing with LB- yes

lizardinlaw: KissThis and DustyBlue are my other two judges, many many thanks....

Dr. Jeremiah, street psychiatrist is a wrap-up node for the Truly Madly Deeply Fallen Quest, featuring these pairings:

Crazy Steve and Bonkers Betty are fan names for the Batman and Wonder Woman characters from the comic All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, who act in ways so different from established character norms as to seem like imposters. Lord Brawl has given them his own spin in bringing them to e2. He encourages their use by others, and will gladly manage a category for their stories if that occurs.