November 11, 2014

I am taking a day off today and may post this tomorrow.

Thanks to those who serve. Not just military, but how about we thank everyone who serves?

The State of Washington sent us the go ahead today. The plan for supervising the physician's assistant at my clinic is approved! Hooray! My brilliant receptionist faxed off a letter with a copy of the approval to my malpractice. As soon as we have that back, it goes to the other doctor's malpractice. She could start as early as Thursday, but I am going to be in the clinic too. I will be in the office in back, attempting not to talk. So we can't start before Friday because Thursday I have to go get needles stuck in my muscles.

Once she is started, we have 60 days that she can work in my place since I am sick. There is some billing code that means "the provider is sick and this other provider is covering." In that 60 days we will try to get her on all of the insurance panels. That is just paperwork and long obfuscating confusing insurance contracts that really boil down to the insurance company will do whatever the hell it wants and there's nothing I can do about it. I love the paragraphs that say the insurance company can change what they pay for and how much they pay for it whenever they want. I am not sure we can get the medicare approved in that time. However, they approved me retroactively, so we will cross our fingers.

I will take knitting to clinic. My doctors have forbidden me to do medicine currently, but I can answer any questions about my previous notes and also help her with the electronic medical record. She has worked with one before and it sounds like it was a bigger pain in the butt than mine. Mine is one of the top rated for small clinics and it is awesome. For a computer program. I can't believe I just said a program was awesome. Compared to the six others I've experienced, it really is.....

Today the clinic is closed and my brilliant receptionist is taking a day off. Me too. I am taking a day off from people: no everything2, mostly stay home, work on to do lists. I may go update the emr at the clinic, work on continuing medical education, write, pay bills, clean house, maybe make apple jelly...... My daughter is going to play in a chamber orchestra for the noon Rotary meeting so I will go to that. Happy day, quiet.