More and more it is thought that the worst damage to a child is not active abuse but neglect. Neglect can take many forms. We think of neglect as being in a poverty stricken home where there are few resources, but in any home a child may be deeply loved. If there is food and love, a child may thrive.

There was a boy who grew up in a family who sang. By age 5 his talent was undeniable. By age eight, he was a star. The family lived in hotel rooms and the boy went on stage with his family and sang. Everyone said how lucky he was because he was rich and loved. But I read that the family used drugs, drank and had orgies in the hotel rooms. Remember that the boy was eight. My heart dropped when I heard that.

He continued to sing as he grew older. He named his home Neverland. That is where Peter Pan lived, but who else? The Lost Boys. The Lost Boys clung to Wendy because they longed for their mothers so.

He had surgery on his face. Someone told me that he was looking for the self he lost.

Farewell, nightingale. I hope that the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven opened and you were welcomed by the father you lost and the mother you lost. I hope that the angels wept for joy to have your voice join theirs. I hope that the lost boy is found.