My mother, Helen, told stories. Something like this.

"We brought Chris home from the hospital right before your third birthday. You thought she was your baby. You would meet people at the door....."

"Come see my baby!" says Katy. She leads the guest to the baby.

The guest often have a present. Chris is too little to open it and so Helen lets Katy open it. There are a lot of little dresses.

The day after Chris comes home from the hospital, Katy finds a little dress that she really likes. "Can I put it on her?"

Helen looks at Katy. She looks at Chris. Chris is nearly 10 pounds and has three chins. She is a very round baby and she is asleep most of the time.

Helen says, "Ok, gently."

Katy carefully takes the dress. The dress is pink, lacy and quite small. Chris is not small. Chris opens her eyes and blinks but does not protest as her older sister stuffs her gently into the dress. It barely fits. That is the only time that Chris can ever wear that dress. Katy is quite pleased.

When Chris is a week old, Easter comes. Katy gets a basket and an egg hunt and a chocolate bunny.

The next morning, Helen takes a shower. She hears the baby crying and then it gets quiet. She thinks, "Uh-oh!"

She come out of the shower and Katy meets her, delight on her face. "Chrissie LIKES chocolate easter bunny!"

Chrissie is sitting in her little seat with chocolate all over her face and licking each bit that she can reach. Katy had decided to cheer up the crying baby and put the chocolate bunny ears in her mouth. This had been quite successful. Helen has to explain that the baby is not really ready to eat chocolate. Helen feels a bit guilty, but Chris shows no ill effects. Except, perhaps, that she just absolutely loves chocolate, for years and years.