I was told you were very pretty.

That interests me. Three different people say that about you, all separately. That is certainly unusual, to say that about a male.

So now I am watching for you. A pretty man. Not handsome, not athletic, not studly, not attractive. Pretty.

I personally have never felt pretty. I was often described as "cute" when I was younger. Ick. I hate "cute". Puppies are cute. Kittens are cute. A woman? Well, it's ok to call a guy cute as long as it's said cutely. Ick, cute, WAY to diminish me.

I did not and do not want to be pretty. It attracts the wrong sort of attention. People also assume airhead in women. Especially beautiful women. I have white hair and am now in the entirely ignorable postmenopausal old woman stage. I like it, you can really get away with a lot.

But a man described as "pretty". I did not say, "What do you mean?" I know all three people reasonably well and they each have a slightly different meaning to the word pretty.

So I am looking for you, Mr. Pretty Man. Because I am curious. Meee-ow