I am working in a kennel. It is not what I want but I am doing my best. I am assigned a group of dogs. I study them carefully. I read. I do research.

The dogs are a mix of breeds and characters. Some are sick. Some have been abused. I keep working with them, each dog's needs. The dogs are happy.

A woman comes to see me. Dressed in a suit, an authority. "You have done an amazing job with these dogs." she says.

I am proud and happy. My dogs don't want to leave the kennel.

She says, "But you will not be able to continue this job."

Now I am shocked and confused. Have I done too good a job? Are others jealous? Are the dogs supposed to be unhappy? I don't understand.

She says, "You are turning into a dog. Within a month."

I am horrified. There is no reprieve. I have been focused on the dogs. I haven't paid attention to myself. I am turning in to a dog.