Grundoon got to the front rocks. She curled up in the huge tire inner tube, warm from the sun. She sighed with pleasure and opened her book.

Along came Lizardinlaw. Lizard studied her sister for a minute. Then she climbed onto the inner tube, lying down crosswise across Grundoon. On top of the book.

Grundoon tried to wrench the book out from under Lizard. No go.

"Chrissssiiiieeee." said Lizard, "Would you play with me?"

"No." said Grundoon. "I am reading my book."

"Pleeeease?" said Lizard.

Grundoon started laughing. "Koren asked me to sew and I said no. Nono asked me to make cards and I said no. I want to read my book. It's at a really exciting place. I'll play with you later. Go away."

"Pleeeeeease?" said Lizard.

"Is this how you felt when I was little and you were reading and I'd bug you to play?"

Lizardinlaw nodded happily.

"Oooohhhh, you drive me crazy." said Grundoon. "Now go away and let me read!"

And Lizard did.

Not true! The grundoon got up, and went swimming with the lizard! At least, that's the way SHE remembers it. And did yoga on the rocks. Now the lizard needs to come up with a color scheme for her spiffy log cabin, so the grundoon can go junking and get her shopping yayas out on the cheap. -ed. grundoon