Bad Sistuh and her family are off to Portland for part of a week.

She calls her cousin, Helno. "Can we visit?"

Helno is fourteen years older than Bad Sistuh. "We will be at The Cabin the first part of that week. Why don't you come to dinner on your way back?"

"Thank you very much," says Bad Sistuh. She has never seen The Cabin. She blew an invitation early on through miscommunication and has not been invited back.

Off to Portland and they have a grand time, visit all sorts of old friends but two adults and two kids 5 years apart and everyone gets rather worn out.

Bad Sistuh calls Helno on Friday morning. "I am very sorry, but we can't make it tonight. Can we come tomorrow instead?" She has to work on Monday.

"Oh, dear," says Helno, "We are very busy and we've already made our plans. I've already started the dinner for tonight."

Bad Sistuh: "I really apologize. We can't make it tonight. Another time. "

"No, no, I guess we can rearrange things."

"Um. Are you sure? I understand if you cancel. Our kids are worn out."

"No, no, you should come."

Bad Sistuh and family arrive the next day. Hugs all around.

"We are ordering pizza." says Helno. "After all, we weren't sure you would make it."

"Um, yeah, sorry." says Bad Sistuh. She getting sorrier by the minute. Damn. Should have just cancelled.

The pizza arrives and is not very good. Bad Sistuh tries to pay part.

"No, no. Our treat." says Helno. They sit down to eat. "I'm so sorry you weren't here last night. I made something really special."

"Um." says Bad Sistuh.

"Oh, but then we would have missed this pizza," says Horse, Bad Sistuh's husband. He grins at Bad Sistuh and takes an enormous bite of the cardboard with red stuff and pepperoni.

"Yeah," says Bad Sistuh's son, grabbing another piece. "Pizza is BEST."

And Bad Sistuh thanks Helno and her Husband profusely and gets the family back to the car as soon as possible.

"Don't think we will get invited to The Cabin any time soon," grins Horse.

"I couldn't stand it anyhow," says Bad Sistuh, "We might have pizza."

Hope everyone survives their families for another winter break.