Some people think I am making up a crisis in medicine for the US. Not to mention the world.

I saw an advertisement for a nursing job yesterday. Paying $175,000. I have never made that in a year as a physician. Which is partly due to my weird chronic illness and partly to me being ox stubborn about wanting to do a level of primary care that is not generally acceptable in Large Corporate Medical Groups. But still, that is impressive. Working for the man here rurally, I made $125,000 one year here and that was the most I made. Considerably less running my own clinic, but I had mild chronic fatigue by 2014. The male primary care doctors make more because the administration gives them the Head of Hospice and Man About the Hospital jobs because they whine effectively about Not Making Enough. I couldn't be bothered.

A pediatrician posted this in a group I am in:

Just wanted to vent/cry on the shoulder of fellow outpatient pediatricians
RSV (in summer!!!)
Delta variant
and the final rush of back to school checkups
Ok, thanks. I’m done.

And others agree. Insanity in clinic and the winter coming and we all think it is going to get worse and worse and worse. And today the US is at greater than 100,000 new cases in one day, of Covid-19. Thirty year olds with no prior medical condition are dying.

I weep for you, the walrus said
I deeply sympathize
As he held his pocket handkerchief
Before his streaming eyes
And carefully selected
those of the largest size

Lewis Carroll