An indoor climbing wall located in South West London. The wall is part of the Westway Sports Centre and uses the A40 as its roof. The center has tented in a piece of the motorway and placed about 350 routes on Entre-prise panels and straight plywood.
The wall is not exposed to the elements but as air is free to move in and out, the temperature is not usually not much more or less than the outside ambient temperature which can make it very cold in winter and sweltering in summer.

At its highest the wall reaches about 15 meters high and has all sorts of routes from beginners slabs to F8a+ overhangs. The climbing is oriented towards roped climbing rather than bouldering but there is however a traverse wall, an Entre-prise wave and a small tank which should keep most boulderers amused for a weekly session.

To climb at the wall you must pass a short theory test to ensure that you know a carabiner from a harness and are not about to send their insurance premiums soaring. As of October 2002 rates are £6 per session plus a small extra fee when you first join up.

The most convenient public transport access is Latimer Road on the Hammersmith and City Line. The Centre is a 5 minute walk from the station. To find it just come out of the station and head towards the flyover and follow your nose towards the centre past the artificial turfs. There is usually plenty of people around during the operating hours of the wall so personal safety should not be an issue. Several bus lines also come past the centre heading to and from Shepherds Bush.