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Well, let me see. i hate two things really, or just one i guess. ignorance, its my hate in life, i think everyone should have one of those to be honest, gives a motive for purpose to me most the time. I hate most of modern and past thought, to me its just ignorance. I would like to see humanity try to build a perception of nothing but factual truth, to which the rest at any giving time that we can think of but cannot put into that form gets the "i dont know" marker and put under the study to find truth category. This basically puts me at odds with humanity for the most part, which i have learned to live with being people really dont seem to smell the shit they live in.

i look at reality as nature, or nature is reality. then i look to how well we understand it, which brings me back to my ignorance point and lack of care for current world perceptions. if you dont live in truth you really just live in the opposite. i put my faith in science i guess. its the only thing right now that cares for an honest truth, even if its slow and bogged down, its the only tool in humanities toolbox i could care to listen to. if its not true, its bullshit, its that simple really. to most anything that is not hard in that aspect, that is just soft, or lies really. i just view the people as idiots on a soapbox spreading there crap. which then comes to be most things, politics, religion, you name it, just bullshit.

its a complex matter i am sure, soiled more by the state of ignorance we live in. i am sure the generations of children being brainwashed by all of it will make things much better, but i dont plan on having any kids, so it really does not matter. i am not a sour person, but really, i think most people are just retarded or cannot perceive the obvious, and yes i know i too have a perception of things that most likely is not close to true, but at least i can see that and admit it, most people just are right but dont have to prove it really.

so not to say i spite everyone else theories on things, from how i look at it, just that its really not taken into account of being held that way. i could only think what government would be like if it became like that, no more head games and actual data on something maybe, or an understanding might be reached, dare it be true such can happen with the stupid monkey.

yes i consider it all nature, i dont segregate. i want natural truths to a natural history, not some made man illusion of bullshit. i am tired of living in the vast hordes of lies people call reality, and with no need to validate but to simply move forward in it with no real ability to understand anything at all, and on top of it to hate the only thing for the most part that does offer a chance towards truth.

well that should be enough for now, i will come back and work on it some more later.