You call this winter?
The predictably wet March 2003 Copenhagen nodermeet

Where: We start off at a bar in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. After some discussion, we have settled on Klaptræet, located on Kultorvet close to Nørreport Station (follow Frederiksborggade from the station, and you'll be there in two minutes).

When: Because of scheduling difficulties, the nodermeet looked for a while like it would have to do without a good part of its participants. Luckily, brother andersa suggested the perfect solution: two nodermeets for the price of one.

Accordingly, we are holding this nodermeet twice. Yep, that's right - no half-measures here. The dates selected are March 8, 2003 and March 15, 2003. These dates are fixed and will not change. We begin (on each of the nights) at 1930 hours CET, and continue until we drop or get carted off - or wimp out. We'll hang around at the meeting place until at least 2100 hours CET to allow any stragglers to catch up.


  • Attending March 8, 2003:
    • Definites:
      • liveforever is the sucker who agreed to organise the meet
      • Carthag doesn't need to think - he's there
      • toalight is coming down from Norway, to warmer and wetter climes
      • tingo will join us, according to persistent rumours

    • Maybes:
      • Alchemy wants to be counted among the few, the brave, the drunk... but he warns that his brain has shown signs of atrophy recently, and he might forget to come - and other details. Like his name, and stuff. Update: he musta forgot. Shucks...
      • skongshoj may be coming over from Jutland. Update: he didn't show.

  • Attending March 15, 2003:
    • Definites:
      • liveforever will die another day
      • andersa will be there, or be square (although he claims that proves that he is already square)
      • Cognis is coming Update: he couldn't make it, for pecuniary reasons.
      • Carthag still doesn't need to think Update: he wasn't thinking, all right - he drank too much the night before, and couldn't come, because he was too hung over.

    • Maybes:
  • Took a rain check:
    • pylon dearly wishes to join us, but circumstances prevent it
    • SharQ won't be there
    • Sverre isn't coming, but sends us his best Norwegian wishes: "Dere får ha gøy."

Things to remember: It's Denmark. It's late in the winter, and spring might be just around the corner, but don't be fooled - it's going to be cold and probably wet. Bar-hopping in winter is hazardous to your health without appropriate clothes for those brief but freezing jaunts between watering holes.

Additional information can and will be added to this writeup as Der Tag approaches. Check back frequently to stay in the loop.

Special taskforce on pictorial immortality: liveforever + toalight + ?

Languages spoken: Wir all parlez bene Babelfish.

How it went, Part 1 (March 8, 2003):

We started out at Klaptræet, where we (toalight, tingo, and liveforever) were joined by Carthag. At the request of my official nemesis, toalight insisted on making me drink tequila - and on kissing me. Oh, well, it's nice to see that Da Stiff looks out for me...

From Klaptræet, we went to Charlie's, in Pilestræde, where we tasted both a local Danish weissbier called Brøckhouse, and one of my own favourites, Prinzregent Luitpold. Charlie's is one of my favourite waterholes. Carthag left us there, and the three remaining noders wandered the streets a while. We stopped for a drink at a pretty lame place called Kreuzberg, in Kompagnistræde, then we decided to call it a night. Oh, yes, I might also refer you to my daylog for March 9, 2003.

How it went, Part 2 (March 15, 2003):

Like the first time, this evening started out at Klaptræet, and never really got any further. As andersa notes in his WU, below, he and I were pretty much it. Several other noders were supposed to have shown, but had to cancel at the last moment, for various reasons.

Never mind - we had a great time, despite the bothersome party at the other table (which contained one of those people who can be counted on to start a fight, every time he gets drunk - and he was pretty drunk). We chatted the evening away, and called it a night around 11 PM. No raucous drunkenness, no tequila. Just a few beers and good cheer.

Yes, Operation Weserübung was April 9, 1940, not March 8 - but it seemed an apposite joke at the time. So, sue me. No, wait - some of the people who read this are Americans, and embarassingly literal-minded....don't sue me. Sue toalight instead, he's Norwegian and has probably deserved it.