Satam M.A. al-Suqami

Satam al-Suqami was one of the listed passengers on American Airlines Flight 11, departing Boston for Los Angeles at 7:45 AM on September 11, 2001. He is presumed to have been part of the team of al-Qaeda highjackers who took control of the Boeing 767 airplane, directing it to crash into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York an hour later, at 8:45 AM.

On his identification documents, al-Suqami gave his last known address as the United Arab Emirates, and his date of birth as June 28, 1976. The FBI believes that he may have been a Saudi national. He is known to have held both a Florida driver's license (listing the same address in Boynton Beach as Wail al-Shehri's license) and a Saudi license.

The list of the presumed terrorists aboard Flight 11 also includes:

Couldn't leave this one as a nodeshell. I've been asked why I use the word "presumed". The answer is that these men
haven't been tried. We may presently have very little doubt as to their guilt, but they haven't had their day in court.
Evidence (some of it circumstantial) links al-Suqami to the al-Shehris, and the al-Shehris to Atta (who again is linked
to al-Omari). As such, they may be considered to be a connected group of passengers. Similar groups existed on
the other highjacked flights, and these have been linked to Atta. It is fairly obvious that these men constitute a
common factor in the highjacked flights. They may be totally innocent, but the circumstantial evidence is convincing.