What a weekend - the whole family sick and miserable with another (yes, another) dose of the kindergarten plague. Or is it a relapse? I can't tell. Anyway, we're all sore-throaty and snot-nosey and headachy and just generally down, and all because of that same nasty little thing - type A streptococci.

So, with the whole family on antibiotics for the second time in a month, and both kids miserable enough to be difficult and whiney (two traits that, God knows, they don't usually display), conditions for my academic work are about as difficult as they can possibly get.

I'm not going to miss any deadlines or anything, but there's tons of fun stuff that I'm missing because I have to take care of the more dull stuff first. Oh well, I shouldn't complain. At least, the kids are already showing signs of improvement. Us older folks, with less recuperative power, are still feeling under the weather, though.