(Japanese 浄土宗: "The school of the pure land")

Japanese popular form of Buddhism, founded in the 12th century by Honen (1133-1212). Jodoshu places great importance on recitation of the nembutsu, whereby the mercy of Amida (Amitabha Buddha) is invoked to achieve rebirth in the "Pure Land" the Buddhist "paradise".

Contrary to earlier movements within Japanese Buddhism, Jodoshu deliberately appeals to the uneducated, those who have no patience with complicated formulae for ascetic exercises and meditation.

Unlike the related offshoot, the Jodoshinshu movement, Jodoshu advocates pious deeds over abstract devotion to Amida.

Today, there are approximately 6 million devotees of Jodoshu. Their main temple is Chion-in, in Kyoto.

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