In my previous logs, I have discussed topics such as:

Every month, as is my custom, I use this space to discuss some philosophical point relating to E2. I usually take my inspiration from the nodes I nuke or from events in the catbox, since these are the two subjects most fraught with potential for discussion.

The month began with a very fruitful philosophical discussion regarding the nature, purpose and proper execution of a good and useful editor log, with gnarl. As the discussion proceeded to a conclusion, I had intended to summarise its central points here. Certainly, gnarl persuaded me to adopt a different approach on several points.

The discussion, however, sparked off an extended debate among the admins about the extent to which editor logs should list everything. Opinions are still divided. As for myself, I will continue to give fairly detailed logs of my actions. However, some of the picayune stuff is (as gnarl rightly points out) essentially irrelevant, and will no longer be appearing.

Nose to the grindstone: