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    Owners of edited WUs get a /msg informing them of the edit. Very minor stuff isn't listed here - this is for more extensive edits. Also, if I thought a WU was good enough to merit the effort involved in an extensive edit, it probably is worth a visit - so this list is a good guide to miscellaneous interesting WUs.
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    As is my self-imposed rule, I shall try to restrict myself to 3 ed-cools a month
    • Mission to Mars (November 1, 2002) - Though I actually enjoyed the film very well indeed, and every single writeup in this node seems to disagree vehemently with this assessment, I can't help but feel that these critical writeups are, each and every one of them, very well written indeed. They certainly made me laugh out loud. Kudos to sl0throp for "killing with kindness"; to ccunning for the delightful parody of the script; and to Ulkesh for reminding us that "Mission to Mars" was and is more than a film.
    • Mary Poppins (November 24, 2002) - This is one of the finest nodes I've come across in a long time - what a fine set of WUs! Here's Segnbora-t with a good summary and listing of the books in the series, and teleny about the symbolic import of Mary Poppins as "an illustration of progressive education in action". Alias Mother Jonez weighs in with a well-crafted WU dealing with the Disney film, with lots of contextual information on the great films of 1964. And finally, to cap it all off, comes dutchess, with a veritable tour de force of a WU, going deep into the Poppins books and making us familiar with them in a whole new way. Top marks, all!
    • You use chopsticks very well (November 30, 2002) - This month's third (and final) ed-cool goes to a node dealing with an entertaining detail of Japanese politeness. Initially pointed out in a concise WU by beable, the Japanese habit of politely complimenting you for simple chopstick use is expanded upon by mowph. In liontamer's WU, we are offered a good and witty (but difficult-to-pronounce) phrase to disarm such situations. But the real prize goes to gn0sis, who deconstructs the whole phenomenon, and brings us to a deeper understanding. Not least, of the fact that it is remarkably easy to accidently claim to be a sodomite of houseflies, when one had intended to be casually witty, using the phrase suggested by liontamer. Heheheheh.
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    • taking pictures of art is not cool (November 21, 2002) - "One wouldn't think so, but this is definitely becoming a GTKY node. If you have something interesting to say, ask an admin to unlock it for you."
    • Why Didn't Noah Slap Those Two Mosquitoes? (November 21, 2002) - "'There went in two and two unto Noah into the ark, the male and the female, as God had commanded Noah.' (Genesis 7:9) - and yea, verily, this is a GTKY node. If thou hast somewhat to add, contactest thou forthwith thy beloved admins."
    • I'm sorry (November 26, 2002) - "I'm sorry that this has become a GTKY node. I'm sorry that you will have to contact a god or editor to have it unlocked, if you want to add something. I'm sorry that walnuts taste so bitter. I'm sorry that escargots aren't a cure for the common cold. I'm sorry."