Born in Sweden in 1971, Eagle-Eye Cherry is the son of jazz trumpeter Don Cherry. Eagle-Eye Cherry and his sister, Neneh Cherry followed their father around on tours, living in Sweden until the age of 12, and was then sent to the School of Performing Arts in Brooklyn, New York.

After school, Eagle-Eye had several jobs as an actor (appearing, in a small part, in the Cosby Show) and musician, before moving back to Sweden in 1996, to begin on a recording career. The gamble paid off, as his debut album, Desireless, driven by the hit single Save Tonight, reached platinum sales in most of Europe and America. Following the success, he toured for the next two years, playing almost three hundred gigs, before going back to the studio to record his second album, Living In The Present Future, in 2000.

Avalyn informs me that he also had a brief gig (1996-1997) as a VJ on MTV in America.