I'm slipping...writing another daylog...

I graduated from high school today.

13 years of public school, and quite a bit to show for it. A diploma, IB certificates, proud parents, an education, a wonderful love... At the risk of ranting, I wish I had two things during those 13 years. I wanted time and choices.

I never had enough time to pursue what I wanted. I wanted to make the steam-pipe 3500 psi air cannon. I wanted to learn Perl and maybe Python. I wanted to sleep my senior year. I wanted to move on...skip the journey that teaches so much. I'm glad I didn't. Mostly.

I wanted to take french in 7th grade. I wanted to take algebra too. Computer science was not an option, because I was taking physics. I wanted to go to a different elementary school. I wanted someone to tell me that the traits you need to succeed in high school are the opposite of the traits you need to succeed as an adult.

After all, its all about me...Right?

The most valuable lesson of high-school was a social lesson. I entered strongly disliking the "prep" crowd, the football players, the assholes who tried to lose their insecurities by feeding off the weak. I learned, probably later then most, my motivations are not the same as their motivations. It took me a while, but I respected the girl who compulsively shopped. She knew as much about brand names as I did about MacOS partition errors. I respected the jock, he was as precise with a lacrosse stick as I was with a mouse.

For all my resentment of the bullshit that is high school, I came to a better understanding of people.


So, life is good. I am entering a new phase of life. I am taking a year off from college to work at a sound studio. This summer, I am driving across the country (east to west via Canada, then back via I-80). My longtime girlfriend and I are going together...She is going off to college, that will be difficult for the both of us. I will see whether our love can survive the tempest of a long distance relationship. I do hope it does...I love her more then I ever thought I could after a mere 18 years of life.Update Fall 2005: 4 years and going strong!

People change. I guess I will accept whatever happens, good or bad. A whole new world awaits. Please don't crush my optimism.