It rained pretty hard here over the past couple of days. The ground is soaked and the grass squishes and makes little sucking sounds when you walk on it. It’s as if it was trying to drag you down below the surface.

Soon, the sun will come like it always does, strong and steady. The stems will push their way up the dirt and reach heavenward and the roots will grow deeper and anchor them in place.. In the meantime though…

The earthworms slither their way up through the soft soil
and bask in the early morning dew
Little do they know that for many of them
that their fate is sealed

Some will become food for hungry birds
Others will be baked into shriveled brown husks by the afternoon sun
Either way, they will return to their home in the ground
In one form or another

Either as shit or as dust
We are not as different
As we’d like to think