I wonder what plays upon people’s fears? Is it the fear of the unknown or fear of the inevitable?

I guess with the fear of the unknown, there’s nothing you can really do to try and control it. It must be a sort of helpless feeling, not knowing what lurks behind the next corner but still, you’ve know you’ve got to turn it.

The fear of the inevitable must be different. You know just what is lurking behind the next corner but no matter how hard you try, you’re somehow destined to meet it face to face. You have no choice.

Each day the feet are planted
From out beneath the bed
The alarm clock sings its mourning song
Is it something that you dread?

The daily ritual begins
Another day takes on its form
Breakfast is served and it’s out the door
Nothing different from the norm

Then the face that looked so familiar
You’d know it in your dreams
Has undergone some changes
And is different now it seems

You knew it was bound to happen
The only thing was when
One side of it turned ugly
It’ll probably happen again

It’s the fear of the inevitable
It’s the fear of the unknown
It’s the burning and churning of the world around
Into which you have been thrown.

For a friend…