I guess, at times, life is a pretty funny thing. You do some things that you can be awfully proud of as you meander your way through it. But then again, there are those times when you can’t believe some of the stunts you pulled.

I wonder what makes those times, the times you did so good, so different from the times you’ve behaved in a way you’d rather have not. What is the signal that fires in your brain in that split nanosecond that lights off something that causes you to do one thing and not another?

It’s probably something very simple but when you get down to brass tacks, most usually things are.

Yes, I’ve romped among the innocents
Because they weren't hard to find
They’re young and unsuspecting
They’re willing and they’re kind

Yes, I’ve crawled among the guilty
I’ve crouched and stooped so low
I’ve told them things they needed to hear
It’s the truth they’ll never know

Yes, I’ve played the role of victim
And probably made some of my own
In another time and another place
My seeds of doubt are sewn

Yes, I’ve wrestled with my conscience
Those ever nagging thoughts
They pound away inside my head
I’ll rue what I have wrought.

Yes, I’ll take them to my grave
These things that I have done
The good, the bad, the ugly
The sorrow and the fun