I usually don’t like things that either start with or end with a bang. There’s something too final about the whole thing. It’s like when it’s over, it’s over and I’m left feeling a little bit empty. Maybe I’m selfish because when things end that way, I’m always left with a feeling that I want a little more.

I like the fading sound of a saxophone as it cries into the night and the music that is carried away on the breeze takes a part of me with it.

I like the distant wail of a harmonica as it drifts off into nothingness. The sound it makes reminds of the way somebody usually stops crying. Great heaves of either sorrow or joy are slowly replaced by gentle sobs and then all is quiet and all you have left are your thoughts and maybe a comforting arm .

I like the soft tinkle of the keys on a piano because it makes tiny little dances go off in my head.

I like the way the sun sinks over the horizon and everything seems to be orange for awhile but then it slowly, slowly turns to dark and the evening just kind of swallows you.

I like the way that the snow melts during warm spells during the day in winter and then turns to ice again when it gets cold at night.

I like the way a good meal can linger on your taste buds and the smell of it in your house seems to get stuck in the very walls and stays around for days.

I like the way that a child usually learns things slowly over time and each day brings to them a new realization that there is so much more to learn. If I’m smart, I’d realize the same thing about me too.

I guess I like most things that just take time and don’t end with the crashing of cymbals or the boom of a cannon.

Somehow, inside me, it gives me a sense of hope.