Pope John Paul II died a couple of days ago. Over the past couple of days, as I've watched the news and seen the picures of him, it seemed as if the aging process had ben sped up. Twenty six years gone in the blink of an eye or at least until it was time to run the next commercial.

He looked so vibrant and young (for a Pope anyway) when he was first elected and in the end he looked, well, so tired. It looked as if he couldn't comprehend all the good things that he had done and everything he had accomplished.

Even though I'm not religious by nature and probably disagree with the Popes position on such matters as abortion, divorce, women in the priesthood, stem cell research and myriad of other things, I know greatness when see it.

Safe travels Karol - you've earned them.

My eyes moistened over
in looking at pictures of his youth.
He looked so strong and purposeful,
Like a champion for the truth.

The way he touched the crowds
and the way he made his way
and the people that he met
and the things he had to say.

On much, we'd disagree
You can attribute it age
I haven't seen what he has seen
And he hasn't heard my rage

Or possibly he did
But he kept it to himself
For another time and another day
like unopen books upon the shelf

Who knows what plans he left
for those who'll take his place?
He left his name and legacy
I'll vanish with harldy a trace.