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1) if you give anything enough time, you can eventually learn to enjoy it. there is value in experience, even (perhaps especially) in negative experience, and turning a negative experience into a positive one is a good thing. example: repeatedly listening to a genre of music you hate until you start to like it.

2) the ability to laugh at or find humor in any situation, especially in a non-politically-correct manner, is crucial. if you can laugh at yourself, you will never cease to be amused.

3) hard-core religion creates dangerous idiots who can't think for themselves and could explode at any time. soft-core religion creates trendy, new-agey buffoons who seek acceptance from their peers at any cost. it is therefore a good idea to stay away from religion altogether.

4) forward is better than backward. the progression of technology, especially the internet, is an amazing thing, and one that should continue unabated. the internet may be the beginning of a series of globalizations that will eventually facilitate a one-world government. this in turn would facilitate expansion into the cosmos.

5) it is imperative to read books. if you examine people who read books of their own volition, and people who do not, there will be a clear difference. the people who don't read will remain interesting for about as long as it takes to recount the last episode of their favorite tv show. there is no upward limit to how long someone who reads frequently can remain interesting.

6) cigarettes are evil incarnate and must be fought at every turn. all other drugs are benign by comparison.

7) there is no shame in leaving a work unfinished. some of the best...

8) always be prepared for the robot invasion. they could strike at any time and infiltrate all levels of society. watch your loved ones with suspicion. have they been replaced by robots already? you might be a robot already and not even know it...

9) that last one was a joke.

10) the good of the many outweighs the good of the few, unless that few contains me. other than that, one should minimize harm to all things.