I have had a couple of bad warm coke experiences in my time.

The first was at college. I had been out to a cocktail party and got home about 2am a little worse for wear. After about 3 hours sleep I woke up in need of a pee. As I made my way down to the bathroom I could feel my head pounding from the hangover that was already well on its way. In the bathroom I saw a 1/2 full can of coke, which, in my dehydrated state was more than a welcome sight. Unfortunatley as I took a swig from the can it became all too apparent that it was in fact a can of urine, lovingly left in the bathroom by one of my housemates.

I then threw up.

The second was when I went to visit a friend of mine who was working in his dad's shop over summer a couple of years ago. I had been chatting with him for about an hour when I noticed that he had an open can of coke by the till. I asked if I could have some (I perversely enjoy warm, flat coke) and he said 'sure'. I really should have seen the small half-smile that accompanied his affirmative response which may have alerted me to the fact that there was something not quite right with the neglected beverage. I soon found out after a hefty slurp that he had been flicking the ash from his 30 a day Marlboro habit into the cake for the past 4 hours. Then I nearly threw up.