Well if I were to tell you the following three details you would probably be excused for thinking that I was a little bit of a sick puppy, you would be half right.

1) I was nine years old.

2) She was related to me.

3) It was up her bottom.

Before you scroll hastily for your downvote let me at least attempt to explain myself!

Yes, I was 9 years old and it was anal sex - I remember this because I laid my hands on one of those books that mothers give to their daughters at the onset of puberty, you know "Our Bodies Ourselves", one of those sorts of things after a class with Mrs Saunders (my teacher from the ages 8-9). I 'learnt' in the loosest possible sense of the word where babies came from and how it happens when a man puts his 'penis' in a womans 'vagina' (I had to get some help finding out what these words meant!). I recall that fear of impregnating my 'partner' lead me up the back passage (the fact that I was entirely incapable of producing semen hadn't occured to me however).

The fact that I had the MMO (means, motive and opportunity) to accomplish my far too young sexual act with a 'relative' was my parents fault.

Firstly I have to point out that my partner in crime was my step-sister (ie: no blood relation, so no danger of 15 fingered offspring) who was 5 months my senior and that the reason we came in such close proximity was that from the age of 6 I often had to sleep in the same bed as her at my step-mother and father's house.

The fact that my father was very bad at hiding his substantial collection of hard-core pornographic films coupled with our curious desire to find them led to an early (and somewhat disturbing) interest in matters of the flesh.

What had started a couple of years earlier as no more than a little bit of 'Doctor's and nurses' style fun had reached a rather more perverse level!

As we got a little older, the sleeping in the same bed stopped, but the sex continued as we progressed to full vaginal sex etc etc.

One night (I must have been 14 or so) it suddenly occured to me just how wrong it all was and I found myself unable to look my step-sister in the eye and went about 2 years without really speaking to her.

Shortly afterwards she moved away to live with her father and I breathed a sigh of relief. We get on OK now, and I'd probably laugh if it was brought up (no-one in the family knows obviously) - but it must have fucked me up a bit, mustn't it???