"Poor little nodeshell, sitting in a tree,
c'mon Lioncub rescue me!"

No sooner said than done, a brief resume of Ms.Perez's life and career should suffice methinks.

Rosie Perez was born on May 16 1963 in Brooklyn NY. She grew up one of ten children (6 sisters, three brothers with her mother, Lydia and father Ismail Serrano.

Rosie was placed in a group home at the age of 12 after cutting a woman's throat!!.

Rosie eventually managed to get her act together and studied marine biology at LA City College.

It was at LACC where she was spotted by a Soul Train producer and put on the air. She was later spotted by Spike Lee at LA's Funky Reggae Club and he subsequently cast her in Do The Right Thing.

Although Rosie's acting career was certainly on the up, she was still primarily a choreographer by trade, designing the dances for the Fly Girls of TV's In Living Color as well as for Diana Ross and Bobby Brown.

As the 90's progressed, Rosie's acting talents came to the forefront in movies such as White Men Can't Jump, Untamed Heart, and an oscar shortlisted performance as a plane crash survivor in 1993's Fearless. Rosie also found time to marry Seth Zvi Rosenfeld a prominent playwright and filmaker.


Do the Right Thing - 1989
Criminal Justice - 1990
Night on Earth - 1992
White Men Can't Jump - 1992
Untamed Heart - 1993
Fearless - 1993
It Could Happen to You - 1994
Somebody to Love - 1996
The 24 Hour Woman.


Soul Train (Appearance)
21 Jump Street (Appearance)
WIOU (Series) - 1990
In Living Color (Choreographer) - 1990
Rosie Perez Presents Society's ride (Host, Execurive Producer) - 1993
In a New Light: Sex Unplugged (Host) - 1995
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child (Series; voice only) - 1995.

Random Rosie Quote,

"The racism, the sexism, I never let it be my problem. If I see a door comin' my way, I'm knockin' it down. And if I can't knock down the door, I'm sliding through the window. I'll never let it stop me from what I wanna do."

Er, you go girl!